A Beaumaris Dental Clinic More Than 30 Years in Service

Where patient care is an utmost priority

The Dental Family Beaumaris

Here at the Bayside’s favourite dental practice, we believe in the power of a happy and healthy smile. That’s why we’re fully committed to the oral health of each member of our community, no matter their age.

We treat all our patients like family, so you can trust us to do exactly what is right for your teeth and gums. Our high-quality care is backed up by years of experience and advanced techniques and equipment.

We provide comprehensive dental care in a calm, relaxing environment, and would love the opportunity to show you around our dental practice. It feels like home, and we feel like family. The Dental Family Beaumaris.

Our Dental Services

We use modern dental methods, experienced professionals and progressive amenities to provide a wide array of dental services to residents of the Bayside area.

These include:

Family Dentistry

We’re proud to run a Bayside dental clinic that caters to all age groups. Our personalised service ensures your entire family has access to exceptional care and treatment in our homely environment. Quality oral care for everyone starts here, and we go out of our way to make it a reassuring and gentle process for everyone involved.

Children Dentistry

It’s important to start our kids on a lifelong journey of top-notch dental health and oral hygiene. The considerate and friendly treatment from our professional staff and dentists will get them engaged with their oral health from a young age. This kind of care and attention will help prevent expensive problems with their teeth down the track.

General Dentistry

As your Bayside dentist, we’re equipped to take care of all your general dental requirements. With a focus on attention to detail and friendly, hospitable care, you can expect only the best general dentistry from Tthe Dental Family Beaumaris. Fillings, crowns and bridges to dental implants, root canal treatment and everything in between can be taken care of.

Cosmetic Dentistry

You can say it all with your smile. And with our cosmetic Bayside dentist practice, you can say it with confidence and enthusiasm. We want you to be happy with your smile, and will fully restore it with a cosmetic dental plan designed to suit you. Dr David Delac at The Dental Family Beaumaris focuses on non-destructive techniques like dental bonding. These don’t impact the original tooth structure and enamel, providing a gentle and reversible journey to your best smile.

Preventative Dentistry

Our comprehensive yet compassionate approach our dentists take to preventative dentistry helps keep your teeth and gums healthy. Regular check ups ensure oral hygiene stays at an optimum level. They also allow dental problems to be picked up early. And our high-tech scaling and polishing service will remove tartar buildup and keep your smile fresh and bright.

Emergency Dental

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, don’t sit at home while it gets worse. Whether it’s toothache or a broken tooth, fast and effective treatment will set you on the right path to recovery. That’s exactly what you’ll get at this Beaumaris dentist.

Keeping You Smiling

We have a simple mission at our Bayside dental clinic. We want to enhance the health and well-being of our clients through exceptional, all-encompassing dentistry.

We know the oral health and happiness of the members of our local family shines through their smiles. Our unique brand of professionalism, homely and ethical dental care, together with the latest in dental techniques, helps us keep your smile shining as bright as possible.

When your teeth and gums are healthy, you’re happy. And when you’re happy, our dentists and our team are happy. Because that’s what family is about.

Your Dental Family Headed by Dr. David Delac

Dr David Delac is the dentist who heads the tight-knit team of experts at The Dental Family Beaumaris. After receiving his dental qualifications from the University of Melbourne, David brought his unique skillset and dental practices to Beaumaris in 2001.

Over 20 years later and he’s grown a loyal following of local patients, each of whom he considers to be family. His commitment to unwavering dental care quality and his patients’ health and wellbeing means his reputation continues to grow.

We invite you to come experience the difference of our dental service today.