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Emergency Dentist in Beaumaris

A dental emergency can happen anywhere and at any time. They’re generally an extremely uncomfortable experience, and you need to get treatment in as short a time frame as possible. The Dental Family Beaumaris offers emergency dental services at our Bayside family dentistry, and we urge you to get in touch with us the minute you experience a dental emergency.

If you’re experiencing severe dental pain and you leave it untreated, you could face some serious dental complications down the track. Immediate treatment will relieve the pain and discomfort in your mouth as well as helping prevent more problems from developing.

Don’t delay. Your dental emergency is our priority. Get in touch right now and our emergency dentist will be able to help out.

Common Dental Emergencies

Our friendly dentists are accustomed to dealing with a wide range of dental emergencies at our family dentistry practice. The best way of determining whether you are experiencing a dental emergency is to take note of the level of pain you’re feeling. Nobody should have to experience relentless and unbearable pain, so get in touch with our emergency dentist in Beaumaris and we’ll be able to get you back to optimum oral health. 

There are a few common dental emergencies that we cover on a regular basis. If you’re experiencing any of these issues below we urge you to contact our Bayside family dentistry now. We can get to the root of the problem, help relieve your immediate symptoms and get you smiling again. 


We encounter a lot of patients seeking emergency dental treatment for toothaches in our dental practice. Nobody enjoys toothaches, they’re extremely painful and confusing because you can’t see the cause of the problem. Normally they’re an indicator of a bigger underlying issue. Our Bayside dentist will be able to help relieve the pain and form an idea of what’s causing the toothache. 

If you’re experiencing a toothache, rinse your mouth out with warm water and apply a cold compress to the affected teeth. Over the counter pain relief medication will also help, but most importantly call our emergency dentist practice and book an emergency dental appointment. 

Physical Mouth Injury

We all experience physical injuries from time to time, but when they happen to our mouth it can be particularly debilitating. A tooth or teeth getting knocked out, chipped or broken can affect how we talk and chew, and is an extremely painful experience. 

If you’ve experienced a physical blow to your mouth and teeth have been damaged, get in touch with our Bayside family dentistry as soon as possible to see an emergency dentist. 

If part of the tooth is broken, save as many pieces of the chipped or broken teeth as you can – we may be able to rebond it.   Bring the pieces in with you when you come for your emergency dentist appointment.

If the tooth is completely knocked out or dislocated out of position, this is a more serious situation.  If knocked out, handle the tooth by the crown of the tooth (avoid touching the root – the cells on the root surface will be damaged by doing so. These cells are critical to enable re-attachment of the tooth in the socket following reimplantation).  

Wash off any debris by ideally soaking in saline or milk or under gentle running warm water if they’re not available. Reimplant tooth immediately by holding the crown of the tooth.  Get some aluminium foil from the kitchen and wrap it over a series of teeth either side of the reimplanted tooth to act as a brace and head straight to us, calling us while you are on your way. 

If the tooth is unable to be reimplanted, store in milk and head straight to us, calling us to let us know you are on your way. We would ideally reimplant the tooth within 30 minutes of it being knocked out.  . 

Filling or Crown Fallen Out

If previous dental work such as a filling or crown falls out, we’d recommend paying us a visit at our Bayside family dentistry as soon as possible. While this may not technically be an emergency unless you’re experiencing pain or injury from a mouth accident, it’s a good idea for a dentist to rectify the damage quickly. 

Fillings or crowns will normally be dislodged as a result of a knock to the mouth, or from heavy grinding of your teeth in your sleep. Sometimes decay has gotten under the crown or filling, and weakened the area. 


A tooth abscess is a serious condition that is extremely painful. It starts as an infection in your teeth, and spreads to the surrounding gums and tissue. An abscess isn’t just going to go away, and if left untreated will start negatively affecting your overall health. It’s easier to deal with an abscess if they’re caught in the early stages, so if you feel any kind of tooth or gum pain coming on please book in to see one of our Bayside dentists. 

Kids Emergency Dental

A dental emergency with one of your kids can be a traumatic experience, particularly if they can’t communicate what’s going on. The best thing to do is remain as calm as possible, as this will also calm them down. Then book them in to see one of our emergency dentists as soon as possible. 

We’re a family friendly Bayside dental practice, and are fully equipped to take care of your child’s dental care situation. Please get in touch as soon as you need us.

The Dental Family Beaumaris