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Dental Extraction

Maintain Your Oral Health with Our Gentle Dental Care

A tooth extraction may seem daunting to most people but it may be necessary in some cases to maintain your oral health and prevent future dental complications. At our Bayside clinic, our dentists are well-versed in diagnosing and recommending treatment plans that align with your dental health requirements.

From a dental extraction to a root canal and dental implants, we focus on quality dental care suited to ensure lasting and optimal oral health. We evaluate all possible treatment options, focusing on preventive treatments before recommending a dental extraction.
If you have a problematic tooth or are concerned about your oral health, contact our friendly Bayside dentists for a consultation. We aim to listen to and understand your problems and strive to deliver treatment plans that keep your comfort and peace of mind at the forefront.

Why You May Need a Tooth Extraction

Dental extractions may need to happen for a number of reasons, some more common than others. These include:

 ●      Impacted wisdom teeth – When your wisdom tooth is not able to grow fully and gets stuck, it can get impacted and may need to be removed.

●      Crowded teeth – Severely crowded teeth can lead to misalignment and crookedness and may need to be removed.

●      Severe infection within a tooth – When the infection spreads to the tooth pulp and cannot be fixed with a root canal, the damaged tooth may have to be extracted.

●      Broken Tooth – If a tooth is damaged beyond repair due to dental trauma, then a tooth extraction may be needed.

Beaumaris Tooth Extraction

Preventive and restorative dental forms the core of our Bayside practice. But our priority is always your dental health and long-term results. This is why we may recommend a dental extraction when it is not possible to rebuild or restore a tooth or if the tooth is affecting your healthy teeth.

We begin with an extensive consultation to examine your teeth, along with X-rays to get to the root cause of your dental issue. This allows us to give you a clear picture and evaluate the complexity of your case. In some instances, a simple extraction may suffice, while in others, we may need to remove bone to get to the tooth causing the problem.

We explore all options before recommending a dental extraction and always prioritise your comfort and well being, discussing the procedure in detail before moving forward.

Recovery After Tooth Extraction

Your recovery usually depends on a number of factors, including how long the procedure took, how many teeth were extracted and if any bone had to be removed. General healing time is from a few days to a couple of weeks, and you may feel some pain during this time. Over the counter pain medication helps manage the pain, but in many cases, you will be prescribed stronger medication.

Generally after 3-4 days, your extraction site should start to heal, and the swelling and discomfort should begin to subside. If the pain or discomfort doesn’t recede after a few days, contact our dentists immediately. 

If you need more information about a dental extraction, our team at The Dental Family Beaumaris is here to help.

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