Children's Dentist in Beaumaris

Most of us were given a great set of teeth towards the start of our lives. How we care for them is crucial to strong dental health as we grow and develop. Children dentistry is so important because it starts our kids on a journey of oral health early in their lives. If you’re looking for a children’s dentist The Dental Family Beaumaris can offer you dental care services for your kids focused on overall oral health, including preventative dentistry to minimise tooth and gum disease.

The Dental Family Beaumaris always places a strong priority on relationships, and it’s no different with our children’s dentistry. We know that for your kids to be engaged with their oral health, they need to be comfortable and relaxed at their dentists. Our team goes out of their way to create a safe and welcoming dental care environment your kids will love.

“My primary focus in dentistry is on prevention of dental disease and maintenance of good oral health.  Prevention is better than cure and if you are attending regularly and any problems do develop, then I can catch the problem early and prevent pain and infection and disease later.  The crucial point that everyone must know is that good oral health has strong correlations with good overall body health.  The ultimate goal is: ‘Teeth for Life’.”

Dr David Delac, Head Dentist

Our Dental Services for Children

We take your kids dental health seriously, and our Bayside family dentistry team has the knowledge and skills to keep their teeth and kids in great form. We’re all about creating positive experiences for kids too, so they leave our practice with the biggest and best smile possible! Some of the children’s dental services we offer include:

Preventive Dentistry for Children

As well as receiving high-quality oral care from a young age, children need to be educated on good dental care hygiene procedures. The combination of regular check ups plus good care at home will help them appreciate the importance of keeping our teeth and gums healthy. 

Tooth decay is the most common dental disease amongst children. On your child’s check-up with one of our family dentists, that’s primarily what we’re looking for. When a tooth first grows the enamel surface takes a few years to harden to full strength. During this time it’s vulnerable to tooth decay, and with the high intake of sugars in modern diets we see a lot of decay in childrens’ teeth.

With regular check-ups, the dentists at our Bayside dentist practice will catch decay in the early stages. We can then discuss your child’s diet and how to reduce sugar intake, as well as getting them into a routine of good brushing. 

Fissure Sealants

We know that children are at higher risk of tooth decay than adults, and one part of their teeth that can be particularly affected is their ‘fissures.’ These are the fine grooves on the biting surface of their back teeth, which are very vulnerable to decay. 

In past generations, before fluoride was added to our water and toothpaste, decay in kids’ fissures was rampant. While it may not be as common today, we still see cases of fissure decay in our Bayside Family Dentistry. Regular check-ups with our dentists allow them to catch changes in the fissures early, before decay begins. They then apply ‘fissure sealants’, a non-painful and non-invasive procedure that seals off the fissures. This keeps bacteria out and helps prevent decay.

Jaw Growth and Teeth Crowding

At our dental clinic we want your child’s transition from baby teeth to adult teeth to be a seamless one. Our dentists monitor their development closely, especially when it comes to the size of their jaws in relation to the size of their teeth. If a child has bigger teeth with a smaller jaw, the result will be ‘teeth crowding’. If our team pick up on this, we will refer you on to an orthodontist who can effectively deal with the teeth crowding. 

Another issue seen in children’s dentistry is a problem with the meeting point of the upper and lower jaw. Discrepancies in size and position could lead to problems later on in life, such as a bad bite. Catching this early allows for an orthodontist to intervene, harness the growth and improve the bite by moulding changes to the jaws. 

The effectiveness of jaw growth procedures lies in early diagnosis, and therein lies the importance of dental care for your child. If our family dentists only catch these later in life, the opportunity for fixing the issues may be lost. An orthodontist can fix most jaw problems in children without surgery. If they’re only diagnosed later in life, surgery may be required. 

Sports Dental Injury Prevention

Healthy and happy Australian kids generally pursue sports of some description. If your children are involved in contact sports that could pose a risk to their dental health, come and see The Dental Family Beaumaris. We can custom-design mouth guards to provide a comfortable fit in their mouths that offers the highest level of protection. They don’t only protect their teeth, they prevent concussion too in the event of a big head knock. 

Your Dental Family Headed by Dr. David Delac

As a favourite Bayside family dentistry, The Dental Family Beaumaris has been providing a wide range of top-notch dental care services to families in the Bayside for over 20 years. We’ve always placed a strong focus on relationships, and particularly on family. So children’s dentistry is very important to us, and the wellbeing and happiness of your kids really motivates us to provide the first-class service here at our Bayside clinic.  

Dr David Delac leads our Bayside dentist team and has been serving the local community since moving to Beaumaris in 2001. Qualified in dentistry at the University of Melbourne, he has spent many years fine-tuning his unique and vast skillset. Today he is proud to offer his services to you and your kids. 

With a growing following of Bayside families trusting him with their dental care, David’s work ethic is matched by his dedication to excellence and his wide-ranging knowledge. All Bayside families are welcome to come experience the gentle, fun and engaging children’s dentistry on offer at the Beaumaris Dental Group.