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Teeth Whitening Beaumaris

Find Your Way to a Healthy and Radiant Smile with Our Teeth Whitening Services

Are you looking for a way to enhance the appearance of your smile? While every smile is unique and beautiful, stained or discoloured teeth can detract from its natural beauty.

At the Dental Family Beaumaris, we offer professional teeth whitening services in Bayside, brightening your teeth by several shades and restoring the natural brilliance of your smile.

You’d be surprised how simple and easy our teeth whitening procedure is and how achievable a dazzling and empowering smile can be. Get in touch with our Bayside dental practice today and take the first step towards a flawless smile.

Common Causes of Tooth Discoloration and Staining

The colour of our teeth can change over time due to a variety of reasons. These may include:

  • Regular consumption of food and drinks such as coffee, tea and red wine
  • Smoking or tobacco use
  • Ageing, as the enamel on our teeth gets thinner and exposes the darker dentin layer beneath it
  • Genetics, as some people are more prone to tooth discolouration than others
  • Certain medications
  • Trauma to the mouth, which can result in the death of the tooth nerve and subsequent darkening of the tooth

No matter the cause of the blemishes or stains to teeth, teeth whitening has become one of the most widely used aesthetic dentistry treatments today. It is something we get asked about all the time in our Bayside dental practice, and we are happy to offer comprehensive teeth whitening solutions to address the varied aesthetic concerns of our patients.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work

The beauty of our teeth whitening procedures, compared with other cosmetic dental procedures, is that no tooth structure is damaged to achieve an aesthetic outcome. Instead, we use special whitening agents that are applied to the surface of your teeth, which work to change their base colour. These whitening agents have been proven to be safe, with no detrimental side effects in the short or long term.

It’s essential to keep in mind that people’s teeth whiten to different levels, so predicting the outcome for a particular set of teeth can be challenging. That is why we take a personalised approach, using lower concentrations of the bleaching chemical over a sustained period of time to produce the desired level of whitening. This method allows us to control the outcome for the best possible result. While our team advocates for a natural-looking result rather than an overly white, fake-looking Hollywood smile, the ultimate decision regarding your desired smile goals is yours to make.

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Teeth whitening isn’t a permanent solution and may require repeat treatments to maintain the level of whiteness you desire. Depending on factors such as your diet, lifestyle, and oral hygiene habits, the results of the whitening treatment can last from a few months to a few years.

At The Dental Family Beaumaris, your long-term oral health is our top priority, and we strive to prevent any damage to your teeth or gums over time. The chemicals we use in the teeth whitening process are safe, but patients may occasionally experience some tooth sensitivity or gum irritation. This is mostly temporary and we can resume the treatment once the symptoms subside. With the latest formulations, we hardly see these side effects anymore. 

It is important to note that teeth whitening is not effective on dentures, crowns, fillings, or veneers. These dental restorations are made of materials that do not respond to teeth whitening treatments, so they will maintain their original colour regardless of the whitening procedure. Even though teeth whitening is a straightforward and generally safe treatment, we understand that some patients may still have concerns about the potential risks. If you have any questions about teeth whitening or our other dental health services in Bayside, Victoria, we’d love to answer them for you.

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