No Gap Dentist in Beaumaris for HCF

The Dental Family Beaumaris is committed to providing affordable oral care to all Bayside residents. If you’re on private health insurance with HCF, you may be able to enjoy No Gap Dental work for some dental services at our clinic.

What is a No Gap Dentist

No doubt you’ve come across the terms ‘No Gap Dentistry’ or ‘No Gap Dental Treatments’ before, especially if you’re searching online for a new dentist. We’ll tell you right now it’s got nothing to do with the gaps between teeth!

No Gap Dental means that patients who are covered by private health insurance can get their routine dental check ups at an affordable price.

In general your insurance will cover a specific amount of your dental expenses every year. Often they will place a ‘per visit’ limit, meaning they will only pay out up to a certain amount per visit to the dentist.

At the Beaumaris Dental Group we’re a preferred provider with HCF. This means we’re able to offer you No Gap Dental on some of our services. On these, we cover the gap between what your private health insurance provider will pay and our actual fee. That means you won’t be out of pocket for these services. As well as reducing your expenses, this saves you the shock of having to deal with a massive bill you weren’t expecting.

On other dental services we offer the gap is required to be paid by you, but is still covered by the health fund.

No Gap Dental Inclusions

When it comes to general dentistry and preventative dentistry, we want to make optimum oral health as accessible as possible. So we offer No Gaps on the following services through HCF:

Dental Examinations

Your dental care routine relies heavily on regular ongoing checkups. We advise you to come in at least every six months to check your teeth and gums for signs of disease or decay.

By offering No Gaps on your checkups, we help ensure consistency in the maintenance of your oral health.

Scales, Polishes and Cleans

Practising good oral hygiene at home by brushing and flossing everyday helps prevent buildup of plaque. It doesn’t prevent buildup in hard to reach places, so we recommend coming in for a professional scale, polish and clean.

A No Gap dental treatment, specialised equipment is used to remove stubborn plaque and deposits from your teeth.


We believe in the preventative application of concentrated fluoride gel to assist in the rebuilding of enamel and prevent decay. We normally apply this after a professional clean, and the process is part of your No Gap cover.


X-Rays allow us to see areas that aren’t so visible during your regular check up. This helps us catch cavities as they start to form, particularly underneath fillings or between your back teeth. Because they’re so important in the maintenance of your oral health, X-Rays are offered under No Gap Dental.

No Gap Dentistry Restrictions

In some instances, you may find that there are restrictions on your No Gap Dental cover. This may be because of:

  • You have outstanding payments on your health premiums;
  • You’ve reached the payment limit for dental stipulated by your provider;
  • Your insurance provider doesn’t provide a benefit for a procedure or item you’ve received;
  • You don’t have your valid health card with you on the day of your appointment;
  • You’re under 18 and don’t have a consenting adult with you on the day.

For a smooth transaction on the day of your appointment, we ask that you review these possible restrictions beforehand.

Got Questions About Our No Gap Dental?

Our team will answer them. Just get in touch and someone from The Dental Family Beaumaris will help.