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Your First Consultation

At The Dental Family Beaumaris, we know how important it is to find a family dentist you can trust. We provide a welcoming and comfortable environment and personalised treatment plans 100% tailored to you. We aim to take the stress out of dental care and give you the ultimate peace of mind knowing you’re in the safest of hands.

What to Expect at Your First Appointment

If you’re visiting us for the first time, this is what you can generally expect your first appointment to look like:

1. A Thorough Dental Examination

Your first visit begins with a comprehensive dental examination. Our friendly and gentle dentists pride themselves on diagnosing any potential dental issues early. Many early problems are hard to spot with the naked eye. However, our modern dentistry tools and technology allow us to examine your mouth with precision and accuracy.
Our focus is slightly different for adults and children, though we believe our primary responsibility and duty of care is the same in both the younger and adult patients.
Adult dental examinations: 

The most common dental disease in adults is gum disease . For the most part, it’s painless with bleeding gums often being the only warning sign. Many people are unaware of how to prevent gum disease. Our point of difference is that we will take the time to work out and teach you an oral hygiene plan that is catered to your unique mouth – this is the key to unlocking long term dental health.   

Child dental examinations:

The most common dental disease in children is tooth decay. Education on how to reduce the risk of tooth decay is an essential part of your child’s dental appointment. During the visit, our dentists will also assess your child’s orthodontic development. As such, we ensure you leave with all the knowledge you need to confidently take care of your child’s oral health at home. 

2. Digital X-Rays

Your dentist will assess whether you require digital X-rays. These are needed to get a look beneath the surface, i.e. between your teeth and under your gum line. With child patients, X-rays will only be required if there are high levels of tooth decay present. Fortunately, most children do not need them. For adults, X-rays are usually recommended as part of your first visit. Once we have them, we won’t need to update them for around two years.  

3. Teeth Cleaning

The final step of your first visit to the Dental Family Beaumaris is teeth cleaning. In children, only a light cleaning is usually needed. In adults, the extent of your teeth cleaning will depend on various factors, including if there is gum disease present. Once the cleaning is complete, your dentist will apply a fluoride treatment to help prevent tooth decay.

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Scheduling an appointment at our Beaumaris dental practice is easy! And when it comes to having your appointment, we go above and beyond to ensure your comfort. Our friendly team is here to support you and offer you the best possible patient experience.

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