General Dentist in Beaumaris

Our experienced team operates out of an extremely well-equipped practice in Beaumaris. With a focus on whole family care, our range of general dentistry services will ensure optimum oral health at all times for our patients. From preventive dentistry to emergency work on your teeth and gums, we have the skills and the amenities to take care of you.

We believe in providing a personalised dental solution that takes away the fear and nerves of visiting the dentist. Our Bayside family dentistry is located in a home, helping make it a welcoming environment where you don’t need to feel anxious. We want you to feel part of The Dental Family Beaumaris when you become one of our patients..

So why not book in today for all your Bayside general dentistry needs? Expert advice and quality dental care is just a phone call away.

Our General Dental Services

If you’re looking for a general dentist The Dental Family Beaumaris is here to provide a healthy smile that doesn’t fade. We have a range of technologically-advanced amenities in our Bayside family dentistry to keep your mouth and jaw healthy, keep you happy and keep that smile on your face. 

Our dentists are fully trained in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of any mouth issues that may arise in your family. We can educate you and your kids on best practice dental hygiene strategies to incorporate at home, and regular check-ups with our team will help us stay on top of your health. From gum disease to missing teeth, we’ll get you feeling good about your smile again. 

Some of our general dentistry services include: 

Children Dentistry

We’re a truly family friendly dental practice, with a big focus on your kids and their teeth care. Something we definitely recommend is getting kids into good oral health care routines early, and teaching them the best routines and procedures to ensure healthy teeth and gums. Not only does this familiarise them with the environment of a dentist practice, it also imparts knowledge about mouth care that’ll stay with them for life. 

Preventative Dentistry

If you keep your car regularly serviced, it’s going to give you less problems and be more reliable. The same thing goes for your teeth! Prevention is much better and cheaper than a cure when it comes to your dental health. By coming in for regular check ups at our Bayside family dentistry we can give you preventative cleanings that keep those hard to reach places clean. This prevents plaque buildup and helps protect you from gum disease and cavities. 

Emergency Dental

If you’re in the midst of a dental emergency like extreme toothache, don’t sit at home while it gets worse and worse. Come down to our clinic and a member of our emergency team will take care of you. Immediate care will set you on the path to recovery, and you’ll soon enjoy a pain free and confident smile again. 


Some situations demand just that little bit of extra protection for our teeth. At our Bayside family dentistry we’ll help keep your mouth safe with our custom fitted mouthguards. Maybe you or your kids are starting up a contact sport. Whatever the activity, we can advise and supply a mouthguard that keeps you safe. 

Extractions and Teeth Replacements

Sometimes we get to a point where it’s impossible to keep a tooth or teeth. At this point our experienced dentists will perform an extraction, permanently removing the sick tooth. We’re not going to leave you with a gappy smile though, and can design and install implants, bridges or dentures to replace the removed teeth. Our dental services are focused on your health and aesthetics. 

Your Dental Family Headed by Dr. David Delac

As a leading Bayside family dentistry, we’ve been offering high quality oral care to Bayside residents for over two decades. We’re family by name AND by nature, inviting all patients we treat at our friendly practice to become part of the extended Dental Family Beaumaris. Relationships are extremely important to us, so we focus on building long-term associations based on trust and high quality service. 

Dr David Delac is at the helm of our expert team of professionals, guiding our ship since 2001. Having earned his qualification at the University of Melbourne, he brings many years of experience and a faultless commitment to dentistry to the people of Beaumaris. 

Get in touch with us now and experience the gentle yet expert environment he has fostered at The Dental Family Beaumaris. Contact us for general dentistry that covers all your oral care needs.