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Dental Filling

Save Your Smile and Preserve Your Natural Teeth

Dental fillings are a restorative dental procedure that helps preserve your natural teeth and prevent further damage to them. At The Dental Family Beaumaris, we focus on minimally-invasive procedures to improve the function and aesthetics of your teeth. As such, dental fillings are one of the regularly-performed procedures at our dental practice.

Our Bayside dental clinic uses the latest techniques to help protect your teeth and maintain sustainable oral health. Our goal is to diagnose the decay early, well before it has a chance to reach the nerve and cause a nasty toothache.

To find out more about how we can help with your dental fillings and other dental health services we offer in Bayside, Victoria, book an appointment below.

Benefits of Cavity Fillings

Fillings are designed to restore your decayed or damaged teeth and prevent any further decay from occurring. It is a simple procedure that involves removing any decayed material, cleaning the area, and then sealing the cavity with a tooth-coloured composite resin or amalgam filling. This restores the function and appearance of your teeth and prevents bacteria from entering the cavity. Our commitment to using the latest techniques ensures that the procedure is quick, efficient, and pain-free.

In addition to filling cavities, fillings can also help repair cracked, worn and broken teeth. Whether it’s to assist in warding off decay or to improve your smile, cavity fillings have a large number of benefits, some of which include:

  • Durability: Fillings can protect your tooth for a considerable period.
  • Natural appearance: Composite resin fillings blend in with your teeth seamlessly.
  • Prevent infection: Removing decay before it reaches the nerve helps prevent infections.
  • Improved functionality: Fillings improve your ability to chew and reduce pain.

Unfortunately, the mouth will not give you any warning signs of decay until the problem is quite advanced. At this point the risk of a toothache is high.  This is why we recommend regular dental check-ups, so we can address decay at an early stage and stop it in its tracks before it gets anywhere near the nerve where all the big problems start.

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What to Expect After a Dental Filling

When it comes to eating after a dental filling, the timing can vary from person to person. While our team at The Dental Family Beaumaris can provide personalised recommendations, here are some general guidelines you can follow to ensure a smooth recovery:

  • Be careful with eating and drinking while the local anaesthetic wears off.
  • Avoid hot drinks and foods until you have full control of your mouth.
  • If you’ve had a tooth-coloured composite resin filling, you can eat on the treated tooth right away.
  • If you’ve had an amalgam filling, wait 24 hours before chewing on that side of your mouth.
  • It is normal to experience sensitivity to hot, cold or sweet foods for a few days after the filling

In some cases, if a cavity is not diagnosed early and has almost reached the nerve, a filling may not resolve the symptoms and the nerve may die, resulting in a painful toothache. At this point, we may recommend a root canal treatment or a tooth extraction, depending on the severity of the decay and the condition of the tooth.

Experience the Gentle Dental Care You Deserve

At The Dental Family Beaumaris, our priority is to provide gentle and comprehensive dental care to help you achieve optimal oral health. Our team of caring dentists and friendly staff are dedicated to making your visit as comfortable as possible, whether you need a routine check-up or a more complex procedure like wisdom tooth extraction. 

Don’t ignore any symptoms of tooth decay or discomfort – schedule an appointment with us today and experience the high-quality care you deserve.

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