Dentist Mouthguards

A dentist mouth guard is a protective cover designed to protect your teeth, gums, tongue and cheeks. The Dental Family Beaumaris recommends dentist mouthguards if you’re in situations such as contact sports, where your mouth could be at risk of receiving knocks or blows.

There are a wide range of mouth guards available, suited to different activities or purposes. We’d suggest booking an appointment at our Bayside dental clinic so we can assess your needs and decide on a suitable mouthguard for the utmost protection.

Who Uses Mouthguards?

Mouth Guards for Sports

Losing your teeth due to a serious knock is a painful experience. Not only is there the agony of the incident itself, but talking, smiling and chewing are also affected. If you lead a lifestyle where your face is at risk from physical blows, a mouth guard is essential.

In many contact sports such as football, basketball, hockey and boxing dental mouthguards are highly recommended, sometimes mandatory. Other athletes wary of dental injuries also rely on them, particularly if they’re involved in non-contact sports with a high risk of falling, such as rock climbing, cycling or ice-skating. 

How a Mouthguard Works

Sports Mouthguards 

Sports mouthguards are usually fitted to the upper teeth. They are more at risk of impact because they stick out further than the lower ones. The mouth guard absorbs the force of a blow before it reaches your teeth, protecting them from damage. 

The energy from the hit, whether caused by a fall or a flying racket or object, is dissipated by the forgiving yet strong material of the guard. By redistributing the force in this way, serious injury to the mouth is prevented. These could include chips, nerve damage or soft tissue damage to your lips, gums, tongue or cheeks.

How to Use a Mouthguard

For the best type of mouthguard The Dental Family Beaumaris recommends getting one custom made by your dentist. It’s an easy dental treatment. We take a mould of your teeth and construct an oral device that is comfortable and designed entirely for what you need it for. The quality of materials used is extremely high and it’ll do a great job of protecting your mouth. 

Inserting the mouthguard is easy and will be explained by your dental professional.  Caring for your guard is important. Remember your mouth is home to bacteria which will get picked up by your mouthguard. So keeping it clean is essential:

  • Regularly clean it with soapy water and a toothbrush after use and dry it.
  • Don’t expose your mouthguard to extreme heat as it could get warped out of shape.
  • Mouthguards should be stored in a sturdy container for protection.
  • Fitted mouthguards should be kept away from family pets, particularly young pups looking for something to chew on!
  • Check it regularly for signs of wear and tear and replace it if necessary.
  • While kids’ mouths are growing, mouthguards will need to be replaced annually.

Where to Get a Mouthguard

Standard mouthguards are available over the counter at pharmacies or sports shops.  However, they don’t fit properly and hence won’t protect you in your time of need.  For this reason, we only recommend custom-made mouthguards.  If you’re after a higher quality, custom-fitted mouthguard we’re here for you at The Dental Family Beaumaris. Book an appointment with our friendly dental team and we can discuss the best way to protect your mouth.