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It’s important to this Bayside dentist that our patients have healthy and happy lives. Helping you maintain a high standard of dental health is extremely important in achieving this. Optimum oral health is closely related to the overall health of your body, and untreated oral conditions can have knock-on effects to the rest of your body. Here at The Beaumaris Dental Family we’ll help you prevent this and live your best life.

We’re focused on providing leading dental care for all members of your family, no matter their age. Starting kids early on their oral health journey is essential in maintaining a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Our Bayside dentist clinic is a safe, reassuring and fun place for kids to visit. Parents and grandparents love it too! From preventative dentistry to all kinds of general dentistry procedures, The Dental Family Beaumaris has got YOUR family covered.

General dentistry involves keeping your teeth, gums and jaw in great condition. It’s about diagnosing and treating conditions in your mouth that if left untreated would cause pain, discomfort and a loss of confidence. Our Bayside dental clinic is fully equipped to handle any general dentistry procedures required, with a special focus on non-invasive techniques that don’t damage your original tooth structure.

Preventing diseases, infections or other problems with your teeth and gums is preferable to treating them by far. Visiting us regularly for dental exams and preventative scaling and polishing is essential to optimising your oral health. Our dentists will also inform you about the best oral care for your daily lives at home. With our high level of dental care, your beautiful smile isn’t going anywhere.

We understand that a lot of people get anxiety about visiting the dentist. We do our best to help you overcome any fears you may have that would prevent you from coming in for regular checkups. Our dental practice is located in a home, and we’ve been able to channel a warm, family feel into our work environment. This, together with our friendly and professional dental team, helps instil a sense of comfort in our patients.

Our dentists know that transparent communication about your oral health is the best way to keep you engaged with it. It’s important to us that we gain your trust, so we’ll always keep you up-to-date and informed about all aspects of your dental care. If you’re undergoing a procedure, we’ll walk you through every step so you know what to expect. And if you’re feeling nervous or anxious, we’re here to talk and devise strategies to help you feel more comfortable.

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