Dentures (False Teeth)

Dentures, commonly known as false teeth, are an ideal solution for patients who have experienced tooth loss but find bridges or dental implants unaffordable. These removable artificial teeth are designed for a natural look and feel, restoring your smile and self confidence.

At The Dental Family Beaumaris our dentures are a swift and cost effective solution.  A friendly team member from our Bayside dental clinic will be happy to answer your questions and help book an appointment.

What Are False Teeth Made Of?

The materials used in your denture framework depend on the type of denture you’re having placed. A variety of dental materials can be used in the manufacture of false teeth, but acrylic is the most common.  Dentures with a plastic base are generally cheaper, but are much bulkier and not as strong. A metal base is more effective, as it’s thinner, stronger and more comfortable. The only downside is that metal base dentures are more expensive. 

Partial Dentures

If you still have healthy teeth remaining in your mouth, partial dentures are designed and constructed to fit around them. An advantage of these is that if you’re at risk of losing more teeth in the future, they can be added without the need for a complete new set. Partial dentures do however take some getting used to, as you will have a foreign oral device in your mouth for much of the day. 

Complete Dentures

If all the teeth in your upper jaw, lower jaw or both are missing, then a complete set of dentures is required. Artificial teeth are fitted to a plate that matches the colour of your gums and is fitted against them. There are two types of complete dentures:

Immediate Dentures

These are a temporary solution that allow you to have a set of dentures fitted on the same day your tooth/teeth are extracted. Generally moulds are taken before any major procedures take place, so they can be instantly applied on the day of extraction. Although they allow you to never endure having missing teeth, sometimes the fit is not perfect so adjustment is required. They normally need relining at some point. 

Conventional Dentures

Conventional dentures are a more long-lasting false teeth solution provided by The Dental Family Beaumaris. The moulding for them takes place after any extractions or procedures, so the fit inside your mouth cavity is accurate and comfortable. There will be no need for costly modifications in the long run, although there is a longer wait time for your set of false teeth to be ready. 

How Long Does It Take To Get False Teeth

False teeth or dentures are a tailor made dentistry solution, so it’s difficult to put a timeframe on how long it’ll take to get your new set up and running. X-rays are required, analyses are made and decisions are arrived at. In some cases a procedure like extraction may need to happen, which might mean the healing process needs to be taken into account. 

With immediate complete dentures you won’t have a long period without your teeth. This is because the mould of your dental cavity is made prior to any procedures. The false teeth are then applied straight away at your dental clinic. 

Complete dentures need to wait for the gums and oral tissues to heal before they can be set. This means a longer wait time, and there may also be minor adjustments to be made over multiple appointments. 

If you require partial dentures, it will still be a multiple appointment process. The amount of construction on the dentures themselves will depend on how many healthy teeth you have remaining in your mouth. 

Where to Get False Teeth

Comfortable and sustainable false teeth can only be arranged through your dental professional. If you’re considering dentures The Dental Family Beaumaris will be able to assist at our impressive dental clinic.

We’ve been providing high-quality dentistry to the people of Beaumaris for over 20-years now. If you’re experienced tooth loss and want to rejuvenate your smile, you can trust us with restoring it to its former glory. Get in touch with a member of our Bayside family dentistry team today for quality, gentle dental care.