Our Infection Control Procedures

What is Infection Control?

At The Dental Family Beaumaris we view our patients as part of our family. We want you to trust that your oral care is in the best hands possible. To ensure our service to you is of the highest quality, one thing we’re very meticulous about is our infection control procedures.

Let’s explain what infection control is:

“Infection control is the prevention of transmission of infectious diseases between the patient, the dentist, the dental nurse and other patients that visit our dental practice.”

We meet and exceed infection control protocols, adopting the latest standards and practices.  It’s all about keeping you safe, and Dr Delac and the rest of the team take it very seriously in our dental clinic.

How We Protect Your Health

The Dental Family Beaumaris staff are highly trained in hygiene and safety policies, in accordance with the Dental Board of Australia and the Australian Dental Association standards. We follow regulations strictly.

Some of our infection control principles are visible and clearly obvious to our patients. These include the wearing of PPE equipment like gloves, masks and safety glasses by our dental team. Our patients are also required to wear safety glasses.

Behind the scenes there are protocols we adhere to that might not be so obvious, but are extremely important in maintaining the highest standards of care possible.

These include:

Sterilising Procedures

All our multi-use dental equipment is sterilised between procedures using a highly advanced laboratory sterilisation equipment called an autoclave. The autoclave uses heat from pressurised steam to kill bacteria, spores and germs, eliminating any chance of cross contamination.

To ensure ongoing peak performance of our autoclaves, an annual schedule of maintenance is mandatory that calibrates and validates our autoclaves.

Calibration means the autoclave is performing to optimal standards and will successfully sterilise any equipment put through it. Validation is the process of running tests on sterilised equipment to ensure the process was successful. 

By adhering to an annual schedule of both these procedures, we can honestly assure our patients that the equipment we use carries no threat of infection.

Use of Disposable Materials

We use disposable materials where possible to prevent cross-contamination between patients.

It’s not just personal protection equipment that’s disposable- a number of our tools are too. Additionally, we use disposable protective sleeves on our dental equipment wherever possible to prevent any cross contamination.

High Standards of Infection Control Means Trusted Dentistry

Our extreme commitment to infection control reflects the high standards of dentistry provided by The Dental Family Beaumaris.

We’ve built our dental practice on solid relationships with our patients. Trust, honesty and an adherence to ethics are so important in maintaining those relationships. High standards of infection control are extremely important to keeping your trust in us alive.

If you’re looking for a Bayside dentist who takes infection control seriously and understands its importance to optimum oral health, you’ve found us.