Dental Bonding (Teeth Bonding)

A healthy and happy smile is key to your confidence and self esteem. So when something happens to affect your smile, or if you’re unhappy with your current smile, it makes sense that you want to restore it to its former glory as easily and as efficiently as possible.

At our Bayside dental clinic we’re proud to offer dental bonding to Beaumaris. This is an advanced dental procedure that doesn’t involve any removal of the original tooth structure. This completely reversible procedure is your ticket to rejuvenating your smile and getting your self confidence back.

If you have any questions about tooth bonding or would like to book an appointment in, please get in touch below.

What is Dental Composite Bonding

Teeth bonding is a simple dental procedure that usually doesn’t require anaesthetic and doesn’t affect the original tooth structure in any way. It’s performed quickly and doesn’t require any downtime at all, meaning you can get back to your daily life immediately after your dental appointment. 

When you have a defect with a tooth or teeth, dental composite bonding will help get your smile back. A chipped tooth, a blemish, a crack or even a big gap between teeth can be built up or covered by the composite filling material.  The best way to fix crowded teeth is to have orthodontic treatment, but if you feel that isn’t for you, then bonding can “straighten” your teeth in one day, transforming your smile.  There is an artistry to this that Dr Delac has fine tuned over many years.  See examples of his work here.

In the tooth bonding procedure your dentist will create a composite resin that matches your teeth in colour. The surface of your teeth will then be made a little bit rougher, and then covered in a liquid that assists with the bonding. Your dentist will then apply the composite resin to mould the damaged tooth, hardening it afterwards with a bright light. Within a very short timeframe your dental imperfection has been remedied and your happy smile is restored!

When Teeth Bonding Can Be Done

Many dental patients around the world have benefited from dental bonding for a number of reasons. It’s a service we enjoy offering to the Bayside community, because we know it’s extremely effective as well as being non-invasive. Some examples of situations where people turn to teeth bonding to improve their smile include:

  • Fix Crowded Teeth: Dr Delac can use dental bonding to straighten your teeth in just one day, giving you the smile you’ve always wanted.
  • To repair teeth where decay has set in and cavities have formed. The composite resin is used to fill the cavities. 
  • If you chip or break your teeth in a physical contact with your mouth, teeth bonding can be used to rebuild them. 
  • If your teeth have discoloration, the composite resin can be matched to your natural teeth colour and cover the blemishes.
  • Bonding can be used to fill the gaps between teeth if they’re too wide. This helps with aesthetics and with reducing places where food can get caught and plaque can build up. 
  • If you have misshapen teeth, bonding can be used to normalise their look. 
  • Some people have teeth that are shorter than they should be. Dental Bonding can be used to build up the short teeth. 

There are many other situations where tooth bonding can positively affect dental cosmetics and health. Chat to a member of the team at our Bayside dental clinic for more information. 

How Long Does Teeth Bonding Last

The lifespan of teeth that have been bonded depends on a number of factors. For a start, how much bonding work was done will influence how long it lasts. The dental hygiene habits of the patient also have an effect.  Following optimum dental health routines will ensure longer lasting results too. Try and incorporate the following into your daily routine if you want to prolong your tooth bonding results:

  • If possible, brush your teeth after every meal, or at least twice a day;
  • Use dental floss at least daily to prevent plaque buildup between your teeth;
  • A therapeutic mouthwash used daily has been proven to reduce the bacteria in your mouth and prevent decay. 
  • Regular checkups to your Bayside dentist will allow them to pick up any problems before they develop. 

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