Dental Bridges Beaumaris

A dental bridge is one solution we can turn to when you have lost a tooth and need to fill the gap. It’s a method of filling a space where the tooth was. A fake tooth (called a pontic) is placed into the space and is anchored off one tooth or two teeth either side of the space forming a “bridge”.

Apart from being unsightly, missing teeth can cause other problems for your oral health. Missing teeth reduce your chewing function and this can be difficult to adapt to.  Your adjacent teeth to the lost tooth can start to drift and tip into the gap changing your bite. Rather than endure having a missing tooth and the complications that come with it, get in touch with our Bayside dental clinic and we’ll come up with a solution for you.

We’re headed up by Dr David Delac, who likes to prioritise avoidance of removal of healthy tooth structure to get you back to optimum oral health and restore your smile.  We’ll figure out how to replace your missing tooth while maintaining the original structure of your teeth as much as possible. Get in touch today with our Bayside dental practice today.

How Does A Dental Bridge Work

A dental bridge literally acts as a bridge, anchored between two teeth and filling the gap left by a missing tooth. Traditionally bridges involved removing a lot of original structure from the two teeth on either side of the missing tooth. This is a destructive process and also puts the workload of three teeth onto the two teeth where the bridge is anchored. This extra workload puts the two anchoring teeth at higher risk of fracturing in the long term. 

These days it’s rare for any dentist to place a traditional bridge. There are better options out there, including better bridges. For instance, the fake tooth can be anchored using modern bonding techniques to create what is known as an adhesive bridge. These are preferable because less of the original tooth structure needs to be removed from the adjacent teeth. 

If you feel like a dental bridge is something you’d like to consider to replace a missing tooth, get in touch with The Dental Family Beaumaris. One of our Bayside dentists will go over your situation with you and discuss the options available. Rest assured, your dental health is our number one priority and we’ll arrive at a dental treatment procedure and plan that suits you best. 

How To Clean Under A Dental Bridge

Optimum dental health is achieved and maintained through solid and regular hygiene routines. This is true whether you have dental bridges or not, but if you do have them cleaning your teeth will be vital to the ongoing success of the procedure. It’ll also help keep your other teeth healthy and strong, helping prevent the need for further extractions down the track. 

The Importance of Healthy Routines

We recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Flossing daily is also advisable, as this helps to get the bits of food out from between your teeth and also scrapes the side of your teeth and removes plaque buildup. 

Oral hygiene measures become especially important when you have dental bridges in your mouth. Many people think that artificial dental devices don’t need to be subjected to the same high levels of dental care as normal teeth, but this isn’t true.  Cleaning under your bridges is necessary to remove debris and prevent infection. Although you can’t floss where the fake tooth is fused to the anchor teeth, you can floss either side of the dental bridge.  

In order to clean under a bridge, there is a special floss called superfloss that can be used.  However, if there is enough space, another tool that is easier to use and more effective than superfloss is an interdental brush.  Our dentists can work out whether superfloss or an interdental brush is more appropriate for you and to teach you how to use them.

Other Oral Health Tips

A healthy diet is also essential to maintaining good dental health of the teeth and gums. Using cleaning devices  that clean between your teeth together with brushing will help reduce the buildup of tartar and plaque.

If you do have a dental bridge installed, regular dentist appointments will allow us to stay on top of your dental health and ensure your appliance remains in top notch condition. Our dentists can perform professional scales and polishes to remove buildup from those hard to reach areas of your mouth.  We’ll also show you how to care for your bridge on a daily basis. 

If you’ve got questions about a dental bridge The Dental Family Beaumaris is here to answer them.  Just get in touch with a member of our friendly team and we can chat about the array of dental services we offer.