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How Do You Prevent Tooth Cavities During The Holiday Season

One of the top questions asked to dentists during the summer is, “how do you prevent tooth cavities during the holiday season?” This isn’t surprising, considering how much chocolate the world consumes during these times. The shocking part is how few people safeguard their oral health. 

More than half of consumers believe chocolate is the most universally enjoyed gift. Of course, the sweet treat isn’t the only food that can cause dental issues during seasonal “cheat days.” If you abide by these tips on how to prevent cavities, though, you can help your teeth win the holiday battle.

Watch Out for Starchy Foods

When most people think of cavity prevention, their minds immediately go to sweets. Starches can also be bad for your teeth, though, because they immediately break down into sugar in your mouth. Because of this, consider cutting down on the following:

  • Rice
  • Potatoes
  • Bread
  • Pasta

If you’re learning how to prevent cavities during the holidays for the first time, recognising the dangers of starch is imperative. Far too many people think they’re safe just because they go easy on the chocolate. This shows just how vigilant you must be while enjoying the holidays!

Go Easy on the Sweets

This is the step that usually comes to mind when avoiding cavities. We’ve always learned that sweets are a bane to the existence of our oral health. This doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your holiday sweets. These basic rules are essential in how to prevent cavities: 

  1. Eat sweets at once: Eating all your sweets in a single sitting is better for your teeth nibbling throughout the day.
  2. Pair with other foods: If you only enjoy sweets during meals (i.e., desserts), you’ll cut back on your consumption.
  3. Avoid sticky treats: Treats that contain sticky substances (e.g., gummies or caramels) can get stuck in the crevices and ridges of your mouth for hours.

Just stick to these healthier ways to eat chocolate and other sweets. If you can manage that, you may be able to prevent cavities during the holidays without abandoning your sweet tooth!

Munch on Crunchy Fruits and Veggies 

There are many benefits of eating fruits and vegetables, but did you know that opting for crunchy choices is even healthier? Crunchy fruits and veggies aren’t inherently more healthy, but they do naturally scrub the surface enamel of your teeth. It’s like a midday brushing festival!

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking heaps of water, especially during the summer months, is a must when mastering how to prevent cavities. Choosing water over sugary drinks is an obvious benefit for your teeth. On top of this, water will rinse away food particles. Australia also has fluoride in its drinking water, so it’s a win all around!

Brush After Eating

We’re taught that brushing twice a day is essential from an early age. In reality, this is the bare minimum. Since you’ll probably be eating more sugars during the holidays, go the extra mile and brush immediately after every meal. Sugars can start causing damage to your teeth within 20 minutes of eating.

Keep Up With Your Routine 

Having a routine in place — whether it’s for staying healthy or learning a new language — dramatically increases your chances of success. Fortunately, most of us have a typical dental hygiene routine already in place. Don’t let the holidays become an excuse! Often, the answer to preventing cavities is simply to keep up the good work.  

Try Out Some Fluoride Mouthwash

Many types of mouthwash are little more than “mouth perfume.” But if you choose a product that contains fluoride, you’ll actually accomplish something. Not all mouthwashes will fight cavities, but fluoride mouthwashes will strengthen your tooth enamel and help fend off potential decay.

Visit Your Dentist After the Holiday 

Preventative dental care is a core element of maintaining oral health. One of the crucial steps in this process is to visit your dentist regularly. Even if you’ve never had a dental problem before, experts still recommend at least two yearly visits to keep your teeth healthy.

This is especially important if you’re focusing on how to prevent cavities during the holidays. A year-end visit will help identify any signs of gum disease, tooth decay or other issues. Your dentist will also take this opportunity to provide you with a thorough cleaning and give you a strong base for the year ahead.

The holidays are a joyous time that simply doesn’t come around often enough. This makes a bit of overindulgence acceptable for most, but not to the detriment to your oral health. Fortunately, it’s possible to revel in the holidays without ruining your teeth.

Of course, even those who know exactly how to prevent cavities during the holidays will eventually face dental problems. This is normal, and a visit to the dentist can get you back on track. Contact us at Dental Family Beaumaris to schedule your checkup and tooth cleaning today.

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