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How To Deal with Sensitive Teeth During Pregnancy

One of the things rarely talked about is sensitive teeth during pregnancy. It’s one of those little quirks that can remain a secret until you suddenly suffer from it. Fortunately, you won’t have this sensitivity forever. Still, it can be challenging to deal with for the length of your pregnancy.

How do you deal with sensitive teeth? Pregnancy is hard enough as it is, so we have some tips for making this particular issue easier on you. However, many people deal with pregnancy-related dental problems. Contrary to old wives’ tales, it’s not dangerous to see a dentist during your pregnancy, and it’s possible to find relief with an experienced dentist from The Dental Family.

Is It Normal to Have Sensitive Teeth While Pregnant?

Pregnancy comes with a range of symptoms, some more unpleasant than others. Sensitive teeth can be particularly irritating and may be made worse by other pregnancy symptoms. Many women also suffer from pregnancy gingivitis, which is a gum disease. However, gum disease can also affect your teeth, which is a problem.

Gingivitis makes your gums swollen and inflamed. They will often bleed during teeth brushing or flossing. While this is often due to the hormonal changes you’re undergoing, you can take great care when brushing and flossing to help keep teeth clean while avoiding being too rough.

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity While Pregnant?

Now that we’ve established that tooth sensitivity in pregnancy is normal, what causes it? There are multiple reasons it can happen, including:

  • Higher Acid Levels: Morning sickness that causes vomiting and the infamous heartburn can cause changes in the mouth. The acidity levels may rise, and this can cause more bacteria and plaque formation. 
  • Pregnancy Hormones: The extra hormones that come with pregnancy affect your mood and make teeth sensitive, too. There’s not much to do about your hormones, but this is a common issue. 
  • Inflammation: Those same hormones that keep your baby safe and growing can also make your gums inflamed. This will cause them to swell up, and they may end up bleeding when you brush or floss. While this is pretty normal, you may wish to talk to your dentist about having your teeth cleaned while pregnant.

How Can I Stop My Teeth from Being Sensitive During Pregnancy?

With all the other things you already have to deal with, what types of pregnancy-friendly options do you have to treat sensitive teeth? The key is to keep up with your oral hygiene while expecting. Visit the dentist regularly to ensure they catch any problems before they become a serious issue. 

  • Brush Your Teeth Regularly: You should brush your teeth twice daily, preferably after meals. While brushing after you’ve vomited may be tempting, this is a bad idea. The acid can soften your enamel, which is more likely to be damaged by brushing. If you need to get rid of the taste, you can rub toothpaste on your teeth with a finger or rinse your mouth with mouthwash. 
  • Use a Soft Brush: Not only should you aim to use a soft toothbrush to ease the pain, but you should also make sure you use it carefully. Gentle brushing up and down can help reduce your irritation. It’s also a good idea to use fluoride toothpaste, which can help ease the sensitivity. 

Visit the Dental Family

Seeing your dentist regularly can help prevent minor problems from becoming big ones. Since your dental health can affect your baby’s health, it’s best to stay on top of this.

Take care of your teeth, avoid further irritants, and see a dentist regularly to keep yourself and your little one healthy. When it comes to sensitive teeth, pregnancy can really cause problems for you. However, by staying vigilant and brushing gently, you’ll find that it eases the discomfort. It should go away entirely once your baby is born. 

Are you dealing with sensitive pregnancy teeth? If so, we can help. Contact The Dental Family Beaumaris and make your appointment today to experience relief.

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