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Reshaping Malformed Teeth: Before and After

Malformed teeth can give a poor impression. They are also a significant cause of anxiety for the person with misshapen teeth. While millions of people suffer from this problem, it doesn’t need to be permanent.

Reshaping teeth is important not only for aesthetic reasons but for practical reasons, too. A tooth that is twisted, smaller than it should be, or otherwise malformed will not work the same. It needs to be adjusted so it can function as a regular tooth. Your dentist must determine what type of teeth contouring or shaping is necessary to help you.

What are Malformed Teeth?

Malformed teeth are essentially teeth that have not formed correctly or have been damaged. They may occur with just one tooth, or you may have more than one. Certain teeth are more likely to be deformed, including wisdom teeth, second premolars, and the upper lateral incisors. 

Teeth may be malformed for a variety of reasons. Most result from a developmental flaw, but a lack of space in the mouth may also cause malformations. Some diseases can cause poorly formed or misshapen teeth, including cerebral palsy, congenital syphilis, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and others.

How Do You Fix Malformed Teeth?

When you look at teeth reshaping before and after photos, you’ll notice that the goal is to make these teeth look more uniform. This helps improve your smile and create a more uniform chewing surface. 

Cosmetic dentistry done by The Dental Family is about far more than just making your teeth look nice. Dentists strive to make the teeth look great, but their most important task is to create teeth that will let you chew well. Some malformed teeth have grooves or spaces that are hard to clean. These can result in more tooth decay due to the difficulty of removing bacteria and plaque.

Reshaping teeth makes it easier to clean them and makes them more resistant to decay. Dentists use many techniques to make teeth functional and beautiful again. 

Is It Possible to Reshape Teeth?

The short answer to this question is yes. It is possible to reshape teeth. It’s considered cosmetic dentistry, but it can make a huge difference in your life. The procedure is usually done on the front teeth since they’re the most visible. 

Reshaping Malformed Teeth

Tooth reshaping or dental contouring requires the dentist to adjust the shape and surface of the tooth. It involves carving out bits of enamel, or the outer layer of the tooth, to get the desired result. 

It works best with:

  • Overlapping teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Chipped teeth

The changes must be reasonably subtle to avoid damaging the enamel, but even small changes can be helpful. The dentist can also add bonding the same colour as your teeth to create length, width, and even tooth surfaces.


Before the procedure, your dentist will examine your teeth with care. They will do an X-ray to ensure there’s enough enamel to trim and to determine where the teeth can be adjusted. 

It can take time to do the tooth contouring, but it’s usually not excessive. The dentist will use a drill or laser to remove small amounts of enamel and then apply the bonding. A special light is used to harden the bonding once it is correctly placed. After this, the bonding is polished and tested with your bite to ensure it looks and feels great.


Once your teeth are reshaped, you should be aware that the bonding will be more likely to crack than the actual tooth enamel. Avoid biting down on hard foods, and don’t bite your nails. You may also want to avoid chewing gum.

Since the bonding agent can also stain easily, you should avoid drinking too many artificial colours, coffee and red wine.

Where to Get Tooth Reshaping Done

Cracked or chipped teeth and misshapen teeth can all be adjusted with some cosmetic dentistry. With various techniques, the dentist can help you change the look of your smile and fix the issues you’re facing. But where can you get this procedure done?

It’s possible for any dentist that offers cosmetic dentistry to handle tooth reshaping. However, be aware that some dentists are better at it than others.

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