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The Best Way to Treat Tooth Loss – Part 2

How to Treat a Knocked-Out Tooth?

If you do lose a tooth, take the following steps at once.

Locate the Tooth

Find your tooth. Be sure to pick it up by the crown; you might damage the soft tissue if you touch the tooth root. Handle the tooth with care in case your dentist can reattach it.

Stop the Bleeding

Put clean, dry cotton balls in the tooth socket to absorb any blood. Apply gentle pressure on the cotton balls with your finger to stop bleeding. Change the cotton balls, rinse your mouth with clean water, and spit out. Change the cotton balls frequently.

Rinse the Tooth

Soak the tooth in a saline solution or milk to remove dirt and sanitise the tooth. Do not use soap or other cleaning products, which could affect the tissue. Do not scrub or scrape the tooth because you might remove valuable tissue for possible reattachment.

Return the Tooth to the Socket

Once the bleeding has stopped, place the cleaned tooth back in the socket ASAP. The sooner the tooth is back in the socket, the greater the chance it will re-knit. Returning the tooth to its socket can keep the root and vital tissues protected, and your saliva also will help preserve the tooth and prevent infection. After you insert the tooth back into the socket hollow, hold it in place with aluminium from the kitchen. This will help to stabilise the tooth temporarily until you can get to a dentist.

Call Your Emergency Dentist

Get to a dentist immediately because the sooner you get treatment, the better the chances for the tooth. Ideally, the tooth should be re-implanted and stabilised within the first hour of injury to give the tooth the best possible chance of survival.


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