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Who Can Get Veneers and When Do You Need One?

Who can get veneers? Nearly anyone who is sick of dealing with flaws in their smile will appreciate the new look that veneers can provide. These wafer-thin pieces can be attached to the teeth with a little prep while making your smile even more dazzling. They’re even colour-matched to look as realistic as possible, so the veneers will look as natural as the rest of your teeth.

Can Everyone Get Veneers?

The simple response to this question is no. Not everyone should or can get veneers for their teeth. If you have gum disease, it can eliminate this possibility for you. If you have structural tooth damage or tend to grind your teeth or clench your jaw, it is unlikely to be the correct treatment.

It’s also likely that your dentist will not recommend veneers if you do not have good oral hygiene or suffer from excessive amounts of cavities. Without the assurance that you’ll look after your teeth, there’s no good reason to give you veneers.

What Types of Problems Do Dental Veneers Fix?

Now that you know who can get veneers, it’s time to understand why you would even want dental veneers in the first place. There are a few reasons you might want to get veneers. Here are some of the more common reasons people choose them.

Uneven Teeth: Do you have bumps or dips in your teeth? Or are they simply misaligned? No matter which of these issues you are facing, it’s possible that a veneer could help.

Discoloured Teeth: If your teeth are a different colour than they should be due to smoking, root canals, big fillings, drugs or antibiotics, or too much fluoride, you can solve this with veneers.

Gaps Between Teeth: Not everyone is unhappy with gaps in their teeth, but if your gap bothers you, consider having your dentist give you veneers to help close it.

Chipped Teeth: If you have a broken or chipped tooth, you may be sick of looking at it, but you’ll now have the option of using veneers to hide it.

If any of these issues is something you’re dealing with, it’s time to call your doctor today and ask for help in setting up veneers for your teeth.

What Does the Procedure Look Like?

Applying the veneers doesn’t necessarily take that long.  However, there are two types of veneers – resin and ceramic.  Resin takes less visits than ceramic. 

The first visit is just a consultation to see what you need. You can discuss your ideas with your dentist during this visit and explain what you want out of the procedure. The dentist will check your teeth and discuss whether you should use veneers or something else. You will usually have X-rays or impressions taken of your teeth.

The next visit will likely consist of preparing your teeth. The surface must be honed down to remove just enough enamel to make room for the veneer. Depending on your circumstance, you may not need any tooth removed.  Usually, there will be an impression done so that the veneers will be perfectly fitted to your teeth. After that, you’ll have to wear temporary veneers until the regular ones come in, as they will protect your teeth.

Finally, you’ll go in to get the veneers placed. Your dentist will check the fit and the proper colour of the veneers. Then they will apply cement to your teeth and attach the veneer. Once it is in place, you can try biting and smiling to see if it fits. Any adjustments will be made at this point, though you may be asked to make another appointment to see if there are any problems after some time of using the veneers.

When Do You Need to Get Veneers?

If you have any reason to hide your smile, you may want to try veneers. These very thin pieces can be set over your existing teeth to make them look whiter. They’ll also close gaps and give you a more personalized smile that you can be proud of.

If your teeth are badly chipped or cracked, you’ll benefit from adding veneers to cover this up. Chalky spots on the teeth can also be an issue and may be due to a condition called hypocalcification. For anyone who is not pleased with their smile, the simple fact is that veneers can cover up a lot of flaws and give you that million-dollar smile again.

Veneers were long regarded as a celebrity method of looking better, and for most people, it was something out of reach. Today, anyone can use veneers and give a dazzling grin to the world.

Make Sure You See an Experienced Dentist

An experienced dentist can ensure your veneers look natural rather than fake. These simple coverings can take your teeth from dull to dashing and ensure that you make a big splash with your next smile. If you’re dealing with discolouration or stains on your original teeth or even a gap you wish to be rid of, you can easily cover these up and protect your teeth from harm by adding veneers.Are you ready to change the way you smile? Contact us today to learn more about dental veneers.

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