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7 Top Benefits of Having a Family Dentist

Are you sick of not having a regular dentist? Do you wish you could find a dentist who would treat both your and your kids’ teeth? Well, then you need a family dentist! The benefits of finding a reliable dentist who can treat your whole family go beyond just convenience. 

At The Dental Family Beaumaris, we believe in excellent dental care for your whole family- it’s even in our name! In this article, we discuss the top seven benefits of having a family dentist. 

The benefits of having a family dentist

Whether you are 5 or 50 a good family dentist can provide excellent care. Finding a family dentist takes away the need for multiple trips to different clinics every year. You can get everything done in one place! Here are the top seven benefits of having a family dentist:

1. Develop a personal and trusting relationship

Just like with any health service it’s important to trust your dental practitioner. This is especially true when they are responsible for treating your entire family. A good family dentist should take the time to build a personal relationship with you and your family. This means you feel reassured and able to communicate with them easily. It also means you can be comfortable that your dentist is only recommending what’s best for you.

2. They know your family medical history

Having your entire family’s dental medical history in one spot makes it much easier. Your dentist can keep track of any allergies, special requirements, sensitivities and more. It means you don’t need to worry about bringing anything along to your appointments. You can know exactly where your dental medical history is for everyone if you ever need to access it. 

When you have a dentist who is treating your entire family they can pick up on any hereditary conditions. It means your dentist knows exactly what to look out for, thus allowing them to plan for the future when it comes to your children’s oral health.

3. Regular and consistent service

To maintain your and your family’s oral health, you (all) need to attend regular and ongoing dental check-ups.. If you have a family dentist, you can be confident that you won’t forget an appointment. They can send you out a reminder whenever your check-ups are due. You know exactly what services you’ll be getting, who you’ll be seeing and the costs involved. 

4. Eliminates dental anxiety

Dental anxiety affects a large proportion of adults and children. It can be made worse when you don’t have a regular dentist. Finding a dentist that you trust is key to minimising your dental anxiety. When you feel confident in their skills and comfortable in their working environment your anxiety can be eased. It’s also important that your children are able to form a relationship with their dentist at an early age, to encourage the best dental habits being formed and a positive perception of dental visits.

5. Proactive preventative care

Family dentists are specially trained to deal with teeth of all ages. Baby teeth require different treatment from adult teeth. A family dentist knows exactly how to treat teeth at every stage of development. They can teach your children preventative dental practices that protect their oral health for the long run. Teaching your kids good oral healthcare habits from a young age is one of the best ways to ensure the health of their adult teeth and gums. 

6. Know where to turn in a dental emergency

Dental emergencies are unfortunate but sometimes unavoidable. Experiencing a dental emergency can be scary, however, knowing your trusted family dentist is there to help can ease some of your worries. It means you don’t need to waste time searching for an emergency dentist in your area or about receiving sub-par treatment. Your family dentist knows you and your family and can treat you efficiently and effectively.  

7. Convenient dental appointments

Sometimes dentists can be booked out months in advance but with a family dentist, you can avoid this. You can schedule your and your family’s appointments exactly when is convenient for you. If you forget, don’t worry, your family dentist will call in advance to remind you.  

Your Beaumaris Family Dentist

If you’re looking for a trusted family dentist, then look no further than The Dental Family Beaumaris. We believe in creating long-lasting relationships with all our patients. It’s the best way to ensure life-long dental health. Give us a call to book your family in today.

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