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Is There A Simple Way to Fix the Gap in My Front Teeth?

Smiling is part of everyday life, and everyone would love to have a beautiful smile. However, some people do not have this privilege. From discoloured teeth to cavities, a myriad of dental issues can ruin your smile. A gap in your front teeth can also significantly contribute to this problem.

Also known as diastema, such gaps can be unsightly whenever one smiles. Other times, food can be trapped in them and thus cause further issues with your gum. For instance, your gums can become sore and tender or even develop gum disease if unchecked. Fixing the gap in your front teeth will help you prevent such problems.

Dental Bonding 

You can also consider dental bonding as a solution to fixing the gap in teeth. Unlike other methods, this one uses a tooth-coloured composite resin. Once you visit your dental clinic, the professionals you will find there will sculpt the resin carefully to resemble the shape and the size needed to close or reduce the gap.

Tooth bonding to close gaps is an effective method as it is a painless procedure  because no tooth structure removal is required. It is also healthy for your teeth for the same reason.  It only takes 1  visit to transform your smile and is more affordable. Here is a before and after picture of a patient who went through a dental treatment of closing spaced teeth.

Before and after dental bonding


If you have discoloured or chipped teeth with gaps, this treatment option can work magic for you. Veneers can either be made of ceramic or  composite resin material. Veneers are expensive but they produce excellent results to close your gaps as long as the gaps aren’t too large. They are like fake finger nail facings bonded to the outside of your teeth and can be made wider than your teeth to close the gap.    The trade off is that often the removal of healthy tooth structure will be required.  This is why dental bonding is healthier for your teeth.

Once these veneers close the gaps, you’re sure to build up your confidence again with beautiful smiles.

The composite resin option uses the same tooth-coloured material as bonding to put this into perspective. It is cheaper than ceramic / porcelain, gives very good results, looks natural and lasts typically the same time as bonding. Ceramic veneers provide the highest level of aesthetics possible but are considerably more expensive than composite resin. 


If you have severe cases of teeth gaps, consider the orthodontic approach as it might be the only option left. Unlike other treatment options, this one is ideal for those with a significant gap in their teeth. 

Braces or clear aligners are the ideal way to close gaps but it is an expensive method and treatment lasts many months. Here, the shape and size of your dental arches are adjusted, moving your teeth to their ideal position. Consequently, this will close the existing gap between your teeth. Note: this is not a treatment option offered at our clinic. We would refer the patient to a specialist orthodontist. 

Fix the Gap

Although you might be taking care of your teeth religiously, sometimes, you might have gaps or diastemas between your front teeth due to one reason or another. If  these gaps bother you,  you should not allow them to lower your self-esteem. To avert any dental issues, consider any of the procedures mentioned above. 

More importantly, contact The Dental Family Beaumaris to fix the gap in your teeth or any other dental issue. Fill that gap on your front teeth today for the perfect smile.

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